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Meeting Room / Board Room

If you are looking for rental services for a professional boardroom or meeting room on Delhi/Noida that is inexpensive and provides you easy access to the best facilities and resources. Flexispace provides the best meeting rooms, boardroom and facilities in the best buildings. Very high-end office machinery is always at the command of your fingertips. Meetings are to be endured therefore we provide soulful, healthy environment which inspires your team and your business.

All our locations are fully IT equipped and furnished with high-tech teleconferencing equipment and video conferencing providing just the right corporate setting for business gatherings or conducting corporate meetings. You can avail roomy meeting rooms with ecological lights and comfortable furniture. Besides, meeting rooms have LCD for your presentation, or you may access flip charts, Whiteboards to conduct pitch conference meetings, interviews or strategy session, hence you can start your work in style.

  • Small Meeting Room / Conference Rooms – Designed For 4 to 5 People,
  • Medium Meeting Room / Conference Rooms – Designed For 8 to10 People
  • Large Meeting Room – Designed For 10 to12 People
  • Seminar/Training Area – Designed For Up To 100 People.

Rent Features

  • Underground Parking Facilities
  • High Speed Internet Service
  • Located On The Underground PATH With Access To Many Amenities
  • Video conferencing Services and Telephone answering services
  • Conference Speaker Telephones
  • Reporting And Transcription Services Available
  • Catering Service (Available Based On Requirements)

You can select grand and stylish meeting rooms with eye-catching views for when you want to make an impression or make that vital decision. No matter what the purpose of your meeting or conference, our meeting rooms are designed to let you focus without distractions and interruptions. Meeting rooms are available in Delhi and Noida for non-profit and commercial organization or individuals and a signed contract must be received previous to a meeting room will be booked.

You can improve your organizations or company’s standing and leaves clients and customers with a lasting impression at Flexispace.

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