Flexi Start

A starter package is provided for an upcoming business for creating the right impact. Flexible office equipped with high speed internet refreshments, business address and telephone attending to help your company step up to the higher levels.

  • Instant Office
  • Part Time Office
  • Promoting Home Based Businesses

Instant Office

Highly economical office spaces on flexible terms, without the usual high setup costs. These day offices fulfill many avenues of professional requirements. May it be an instant office for a day or just a professional office to conduct meeting with clients. Rent will be for exactly as long as you need – may be a day, a week, or a month.

  • Highly professional staff supporting you on administrative matters
  • Collaboration with flexible co-working spaces
  • You may work for a day – whenever, wherever
  • Day offices provide you peace and comfort and you may be as effective as in your normal workspace. Businessmen on the move will find it perfect

Part Time Office

If your office requirement is intermittent, you can find a perfect solution with us. Setting up a permanent office inculcates high cost, time and energy which you need to concentrate on your business. Part time offices are always available on affordable rent along with office maintenance facilities such as general cleaning.

Some basic facilities are complimentary as part of our packages such as:

  • Pay the rent only as long as you need
  • Choice of office space according to the need of your business – a business address or occasional meeting rooms, thus you may save unnecessary cost
  • Options for private space to concentrate, or an open plan or shared space in which you can interact in a busy working environment
  • A part time office can save your unnecessary expenditure which you can invest in the growth of your company
  • Project offices on short term – for sales teams on the move; Remote offices are the best solution
  • For home workers we offer regular workspaces a few days a week
  • For training companies fixed spaces are provided
  • You can avail an office when you need it. If you don’t need an office every day of the week, but need a fixed workspace which you can call your own. You may get an office on rental terms according to your need as sighted above. Fully equipped offices with space according to your requirement are readily available anytime you need. These offices are ideal for part time working, mobile sales people and project offices

Promoting Home Based Businesses

In order to bring work-life balance in life, home working is becoming more and more popular. But the output of work done is comparatively not up to the mark in working from home. Therefore Flexi Space provides support to such customers to meet their professional mission successfully. Home working businesses can exploit our facilities of flexible office solutions, to bring up maximum work spaces suitable to their requirements.
Several ways in which the above offices can support home business:

  • The amenities given here can be used by customers to reduce dependence on their home office
  • Customers can create a professional impact by using our day offices and meeting spaces and thus can bring about balance between home business and office
  • Our professional staff also helps in handling mails, telephones to avoid your necessary work distractions

Sit at home and work with all the advantages of Flexispace

  • In home working you save time commuting
  • Employees can enjoy a work life balance in a better way and can reduce the size of their real estate portfolios and their Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • With Flexi Space you get a wide range of services and products as per your need, from day office, meeting space, to phone answering, mail handling, etc

More Office Solutions by Flexispace:

  • Greater economy by reducing your office space
  • At Flexi Hub you use fewer desks according to your business requirements
  • You have the options to use workspace and facilities as and when needed
  • Due to flexible working hours your employees are more sincere and supportive

Increased Efficiency among work teams

Employees working from home are a modern element now-a-days in most companies. Therefore with the help of our services you can manage your home as well as your business in one place.