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Our Offices

If you’re a growing corporate organization and looking forward to expand your reception offices and make your presence felt in the corporate world with no obstacles in managing your own office space. Flexispace provides you serviced office at minimum rates, fully equipped flexible including high speed broadband internet and refreshments in the office packages in accordance with your exact working patterns. Flexispace virtual offices will be the most suitable option. Comfortable office furniture offering suitable environment for corporate interaction. Each space is designed in such a way to suit all your needs. You’re always welcome to visit and survey the options available. Flexispace will understand your needs and provide the best options. The basic facilities will be given according to your need and choice of site location.


The options for membership are as follows:
  • Permanent residency in our serviced office
  • Shared desks and casual access
  • Meeting spaces
  • Formal Boardrooms
  • Formal and Informal meeting spaces

Resources Available:

Flexispace is a flexible office space provided when needed. Mobile businessmen and those working from home can make best out of these virtual offices and take on their business to unseen horizons. A highly professional atmosphere is provided for your business if you are a beginner enterprise or running your professional services from home. The offices can be used to meet your clients as a virtual office, a registered address and rooms for conducting conferences or meetings. We also provide staff to handle your phone calls and post in a highly professional manner.


Advantages of connecting to Flexispace:

Flexible Agreements

  • You get rolling monthly license or longer term to suit your business
  • There is no long term lease burden
  • No security deposits

Wired / Wifi Internet

  • Wi-Fi and jack for connection of your laptop phone or tablet to access a fast internet connection.

Voice & E-mail

  • Dedicated business number for your voice & mail completed with telecoms.

Print, Scan & Copy

  • All print, scan, copy facilities available.


Administrative Services

  • Services for receiving your parcels are provided by staff for your convenience


Meeting/Board Room

  • White board and flip-chart are provided for your use


Utilities/Basic Provisions

  • The bills including electricity, water, heating and air-conditioning are taken care of


Security and Hygiene

  • All facilities provided for cleaning and security


Snacks and Drinks

  • A properly equipped kitchen with tea, coffee, mineral water etc



  • The furniture is so designed for comfort


Controlled Access Permission

  • Secure membership cards control the serviced office


Power Backups

  • Full power backup facility provided against power cuts


Transparency and Convenience

  • All office residents and their guests can park their cars outside the office without any hidden costs


More Services

  • Stationary
  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • CD Burning
  • Hiring Projectors
  • Hiring Cars
  • Hiring PC